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Biology Grade VIII

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1. The root function as the following, except……..
a. absorbing water from soil
b. as a tool for transporting materials that dissolve in water
c. for strengthening the plant
d. as a place for photosynthesis
2. The tissue that cannot be seen from a transversal section of an old stem is the…
a. epidermis
b. parenchym
c. collenchym
d. schlerenchym
3. There is / are ……………………that can be found in a young stem.
a. cork tissue
b. cork cambium
c. stomata, and hair
d. lenticels
4. Endonomous movement in plants occurs because of………
a. an internal factor
b. a factor related to temperature
c. a factor of salt content
d. a factor of height
5. Entinomous movement is not influenced by a factor………….
a. generic in nature
b. related to temperature
c. of light
d. of humidity
6. Positive phototropism occurs if the direction fo growth of the stem…….
a. is toward a place with plenty of lights
b. is toward a place with little light
c. gets fluctuating light in a daily period
d. gets new groth in the dry season
7. Nictinastic movement occurs if……….
a. the plant roots make a bendig movemnet whenever tounhing other objects
b. the movement of the stem bends toward the light
c. the flowers blossom in the afternoon
d. the leaves close their surface at night
8. Taxis movement is the movement occuring……………
a. in plant organs
b. at night
c. if plangt moves to another place
d. if there is a fertility change
9. Green plants get organic matter of from…………….
a. fertilizers that come from animal faeces
b. a process made by themselves with help from their chlorophylls
c. the soil while absorbing the water
d. the air through the stomata of the leaves
10. What the purpose of growing Hydrilla in the aquarium with guppy fish inside?
a. the water becomes clear
b. the fish bocme happy and grow fast
c. the fish vecome familiar with the water flush
d. more oxygen from the air becomes dissolved in the water
11. C, H, O and N elements are consumed by green plants in big volumes, because they are………………
a. micro – elements
b. easy to gain every time
c. macro-elements
d. avaible in big volumes in the nature
12. Anabolec reactionsin the body of the organism can occur if…………
a. there is energy produced
b. the energy is avaible
c. the body termperature is in the higher condition
d. the body temperature is in the normal condition
13. The carbohydrates in green plants are made from……….
a. protein
b. lipid
c. amino acid
d. inorganic materials
14. If our hand unitentionally touches a very hot object, automatically we withdraw our hand from the object, because our hand…………
a. can move automatically
b. is controled by our brain
c. uses reflex movement
d. is a sensitive organ
15. The skull and vertebrae are considerde axial skeleton, because they are……..
a. hard bones
b. large-sized
c. constructing the body axis
d. protecting soft organs
16. Cartilage mostly can be found in……….
a. a baby
b. a youth
c. an adult
d. an elder
17. Mature bone cell is called
a. Osteocyte
b. Osteon
c. Osteoclas
d. Osteoblast


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