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Biology Daily Test Grade VIII

05.13 / Diposting oleh Billy Roger /

1. The green plants are categorized as autotroph because they can...
a. interact with the environment
b. do chemical reaction
c. do reproduction
d. produce their own food

2. The high temperature can inhibit photosynthesis process because it will...
a. decrease the oxygent
b. loosen (menguraikan) the amilum
c. add the light intensity
d. loosen the important enzyme

3. Leaves which have other colour beside green still can do photosynthesis process. It means the leaves...
a. contain the oxygent
b. still have clorophyll
c. still produce CO2
d. get CO2

4. The organism below is not categorized as an aototroph. It is...
a. Mango tree
b. phytoplankton
c. fish
d. cactus

5. Choose the correct sentence below!
a. Photosyntesis is the water breakdown process
b. Photosyntesis needs carbohydrate and water
c. Photosyntesis can happen without clorophyll
d. Photosyntesis manufacture carbohydrate

6. The objective of boiling the leaf in the alcohol when we examine the photosynthesis result is....
a. kill the cells
b. disolve the clorophyll
c. examine the starch
d. examine the glucose

7. Dropping the liquid at the end of the activity to examine that photosynthesis process produces starch we drop....
a. alcohol
b. eosin
c. lugol
d. NaHCO3

8. The food as photosynthesis result is not stored in the...
a. root
b. stem

c. bud
d. fruit

9. If there is a starch in the leaf after dropping by the examiner liquid the colour of leaf become...
a. brown
b. light red
c. dark green
d. dark blue

10. Which substance that is not needed in photosynthesis process?
a. carbon dioxide
b. clorophyll
c. oxigent
d. water

11. What subtances that produced from photosynthesis?
a. carbon dioxide and water
b. carbon dioxide and glucose
c. oxigent and water
d. oxigent and glucose

12. Photosynthesis process needs these materials below. They are...
a. light, clorophyil, oxyigent, and water
b. light, clorophyil, carbon dioxide, and water
c. light, clorophyil, glucose, and water
d. light, clorophyil, oxygent, and carbon dioxide

13. Photosynthesis process produces.......
a. carbon dioxide and water
b. carbon dioxide and glucose
c. oxygent and water
d. oxygent and glucose

14. What is the role of photosynthesis process?
a. absorb oxygent
b. absorb carbon dioxide
c. absorb the light
d. fusing CO2 and water

15. The inside factor that influence
photosynthesis process is...
a. water supply
b. age of leaf
c. light
d. thermal

16. The abundant amount of glucose in the leaf will store as...
a. cellulosa
b. fructosa
c. amilum
d. sucrose

17. The picture below is a transversally cut of leaf. Where is the photosynthesis mostly happened.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

18. The grafic that showed the influence of carbon dioxide to the rate of photosynthesis process.
a. c.

b. d.

19. Look at the formula below to answer number 19 to 21!
CO2 + ....X.... light ..........Z........ + O2
What is X? It is............
a. clolorophiill
b. glucose
c. water
d. oxygent

20. The tissues that showed by Y is...
a. clorophill
b. glucose
c. water
d. oxygent

21. The tissues that showed by Z is...
a. clorophill
b. glucose
c. water
d. oxygent

22. The bubles which is produced in the photosynthesis is...
a. water
b. carbon dioxide
c. oxigent
d. amilum

23. CO2 and O2 go in and go out through...
a. stome
b. root
c. fruit
d. flower

24. Photosynthesis process is happened in the.......
a. cloroplast
b. vacuole
c. nucleus
d. cell wall

25. The plants’ role to decrease the air pollution is by...
a. producing the oxygent
b. producing the carbon dioxide
c. making green panorama
d. giving the fresh air

26. From the activity the students get the data below.
The..... 2 minutes Place
Sun light Dark
1st 78 10
2nd 85 12
3rd 90 14
From the data above we can conclude that...
a. Photosynthesis process will happen faster under the sun light
b. Photosynthesis process will happen faster in the dark
c. Photosynthesis process will happen slower under the sun light
d. Photosynthesis does not need light

27. In the activity to observe the gas that produced by photosynthesis we pour NaHCO3. the aim is...
a. to fuse the carbon dioksida with water
b. to fuse oxigent in the water
c. to make glucose
d. to make easier process

28. Below is not an adaptation for photosynthesis. It is.........
a. very much clorophyll
b. the form is too wide
c. have so many stoma
d. have cuticle on the leaf surface

29. Which gass as photosynthesis result that is needed of all organism ....
a. carbon dioxide
b. nitrogent
c. oxigent
d. water vapour

30. When the tube is taken off from the funnel, we can put the fire stick into the tube. What happen next?...
a. The fire is directly off
b. The fire keeps on fire then off
c. The fire keeps on fire
d. The fire is off then on


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