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Physic Grade VII

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1.Which of the following items is a unit of mass ?
A. Centimeter C. Newton
B. Second D. Kilogram
2. The standard units for mass and length are
A. Kilogram and meter C. joule and centimeter
B. Newton and meter per second D. joule and meter per second
3. Which one the following does a spring balance measure ?
A. Length C. Volume
B. Mass D. Wight
4. Which of the following would you use to measure the diameter of beaker ?
A. A measuring tape C. Micrometer screw gauge
B. Meter rule D. Vernier calipers
5. A stone is dropped into a measuring cylinder containing water as shown in the diagram. The volume of the stone is
A. 18cm2
B. 20 cm2
C. 38 cm2
D. 40 cm2
6. Which of the following is a unit of volume ?
A. Kilogram C. Kilogram per cubic
B. Second D. cubic meters
7. a book which has 400 pages is found to have a thickness of 2.0 cm. The thickness of each sheet is
A. 0.001 mm C. 0.05 mm
B. 0.1 mm D. 0.5 mm
8. Which one of the following would you use to measure the diameter of very thin piece of wire ?
A. Calipers C. A micrometer screw gauge
B. A measuring tape D. A ruler
9. Which piece of apparatus is used measure the mass of an object ?
A. An ammeter C. A metre ruler
B. A measuring cylinder D. A top-pan balance

10. The diagram shows the dimensions of a metal block. What is the volume of block ?
A. 10 cm3
B. 15 cm3
C. 30 cm3
D. 40 cm3
11. The diagram shows the level of liquid in a measuring cylinder. What is the volume of liquid ?
A. 24 cm3
B. 28 cm3
C. 29 cm3
D. 32 cm3
12. What could be used to measure diameter of a marble?
A. micrometer screw gauge
B. vernier caliper
C. ruler
D. meter tape
13. The diagram shows a measuring cylinder. Which unit would be most suitable for its scale A. mm2
B. mm3
C. cm2
D. cm3
14. The diagram shows a measuring cylinder used to measure the volume of small stone. What is the volume of stone ?
A. 8 cm3
B. 10 cm3
C. 18 cm3
D. 26 cm3
15. Several lumps of ice are added to a measuring cylinder containing water and allowed to melt. The diagram show the liquid level before the ice added and after the ice has melted. What is the volume of the melted ice ?
A. 68 cm3
B. 64 cm3
C. 26 cm3
D. 23 cm3
16. which of these quantity below has been wrongly matched with its unit
A. Time-second C. Length-metre
B. Temperature-Kelvin D. Mass-cubicmeter
17. Which of these is not unit of volume ?
A. Cubic centimeter C. Litter
B. Cubic metre D. Second
18. The interval diameter of a glass container is 4.7 cm, while its external diameter is 4.8 cm. How thick is the wall of the glass container
A. 2 mm C.5 mm
B. 4 mm D. 10 mm
19. Which of the following apparatus can not be used to measure the volume of liquid
A. Balance C. Beaker glass
B. Burette D. Measuring cylinder
20. Which of these quantities are not a basic quantity ?
A. Time C. Electric current
B. Volume D. Mass
21. The water displacement method can be applied to measure.
1. The volume of regular solid
2. The volume of irregular solid
3. The mass of regular solid
A. 1 B. 2 C. 1 and 2 D. 2 and 3
22.Which of these tools are used to measure the mass of an object by comparing with the know mass of the other object ?
A. Beam balance C. Lever balance
C. Spring balance D. Butchart balance
23. a 250 ml beaker was filled with 100 ml of water. A number of marbles, each having a volume of 5 cm2 . Was poor into the beaker. How many marbles can be put into the beaker so that the water level reaches the top ?
A. 15 B. 20 C. 25 D. 30
24. micrometer can be used to measure precisely a quantity of
A. Length C. Time
B. Mass D. Temperature
25. 3.7 m is same a…………… mm
A. 37 B. 370 C. 3700 D. 37,000
26. What is the length 5.4 km in metres
A. 54 B. 540 C. 5400 D. 54,000
27. What is the area 950 square mm is square cm ?
A. 0.0095 B. 0.095 C. 0.95 D. 9.5
28. The pages of book are numbered 1 to 200 and each leaf is 0.10 mm thick. If each cover is 0.2 mm thick. The thickness of the book is
A. 2.04 mm B. 20.4 mm C. 20.4 cm D. 20 mm
29. A rectangular block measure 4 cm by 2.5 cm by 5 cm. The volume of block is…….cm3
A. 10 B. 20 C.40 D. 50
30. Most precise device is
A. 100 cm ruler C. 20 cm ruler
D. Caliper D. Micrometer

1. Name the apparatus you measure the following :
a. Thickness of piece of paper :………….
b. The mass of a book : ………………
c. The external diameter of pipe :…………
d. 50 cm2 of alcohol : ………………..
2. The following is a list of apparatus found in the physics laboratory
Ammeter balance measuring cylinder thermometer
Metre ruler stop-watch micrometer screw gauge voltmeter

a. The electric current flowing through a wire,……………
b. The mass of beaker,…………………………
c. The potential difference across a resistor,………………
d. The time taken for ten swings of pendulum,…………….
e. The temperature in a laboratory,…………….
f. The width of the laboratory bench,…………………………..


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