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Once upon a time in a little village in West Java, lived a very beautiful woman named Dayang Sumbi. She lived alone and didn’t have any husband yet.
In a morning, when she was painting in front of her house, her paintbbrush fell of from her house. She was very lazy to pick it up, so she spoke
“Somebody please pick up my paintbrush. If a man that pick it up, he will by my husband. But if a woman that pick it up, she will be my sister” After that, a male dog called Tumang picked it up and gave it to Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi couldn’t break her promise. So, she got married with Tumang. Their love grew naturally from time to time. From that wedding, Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby named Sangkuriang. Dayang Sumbi never told Sangkuriang about his father.
One day, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang to hunt in the forest with Tumang. Unfortunately, after walked for a long time, Sangkuriang didn’t find anything. He was very tired and angry.
“Where is all of the animals here?! My mother will be angry if I bring nothing home.” and then he saw Tumang. Because of madness he killed Tumang, slayed its meat then went home.
At home, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang
“How about your hunting, Sangkuriang? Did you get anything?”
“Actually I didn’t find anything. But, when I saw Tumang, I think we could eat it. I also want to try dog’s meat. So, I killed it”
“What? You killed Tumang?! Do you know if Tumang is your father! Rebellious child! Get out you from here! I don’t want have a child who kill his own father!” said Dayang Sumbi while hit Sangkuriang’s head with a big spoon.
“Oh, so mother prefers that ugly dog to me? Ok, I will get out from here!” said Sangkuriang then he got out from his house.
Day changes into another day and years changes into another year. After many years, Sangkuriang became a gentleman but Dayang Sumbi still beautiful like she was young. When Sangkuriang went to a village , Sangkuriang met with Dayang Sumbi. They fell in love at the first sight. After that Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi often to met. Until one day, involuntary Dayang Sumbi saw the scar in Sangkuriang’s head. She remembered with her son. But she pretended to know nothing.
Sangkuriang’s love to Dayang Sumbi became more and more. So in one beautiful day, Sangkuriang proposed Dayang Sumbi.
“Sumbi, our relationship is very closed, I want it be deeper. I love you very much, Sumbi. Will you marry me?” Dayang Sumbi was very confused with that situation.
“Sangkuriang, I know it’s difficult. But I’m your mother. So, I can’t marry with you. I can’t marry with my own son”
“Don’t lying Sumbi. I know you are lying. It’s impossible! My mother must be very old now. She is not young and beautiful like you”
“Sangkuriang, please believe me. I’m your mother, your mother”
“No, you’re not my mother! Don’t look for any reason, Sumbi!” Dayang Sumbi thought once again, then she had an idea.
“Ok, I will marry you but in one condition. You must build a lake from Citarum river and also make a boat. If you not finish it yet until the morning, you can’t marry me. Do you agree?”
“I will do everything to marry you, Sumbi”
In the night, Sangkuriang called all of his friends, ghosts and forest fairies to help him.
“Hey all my friends, please come, I need your help” said him loudly.
“Yes Master” answered them. They worked very fast with magic power.
The morning is still far but Sangkuriang almost finished all of his jobs. Dayang Sumbi was very worried.
“Oh my God, please help me. I can’t married with my own son” Then Dayang Sumbi had another idea. She asked another women in the village punch the grains with the grains puncher. The ghosts and forest fairies were very disturbed with that sound.
“Oh noooo!”said them while ran away and leaved Sangkuriang before finish the job.
The morning came but Sangkuriang not finish his job yet. He was very angry. He kicked away the boat and it turned into a mountain that called Tangkuban Perahu.


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